The Big Benefits Of Having a Walk-In Bathtub

The Big Benefits Of Having a Walk-In Bathtub

Have you ever thought about your dream bathroom? For most, being able to have a new house or apartment renovated and designed exactly how they want it is a dream that people aspire towards for years. And, while you are designing your dream home, one of the most intimate and personal spaces that is totally underrated is the bathroom. And not just any bathroom in the house—everyone wants their personal bathroom to be cute, clean and beautifully designed. 

While you are dreaming up your perfect home, did you ever consider a walk-in bathtub would be a part of the grand design? While most people might consider the bathroom or master bath a last afterthought in the grand design, interior decorators and home designers often say that bathrooms are the most underrated room in the house. 

Once you start imagining your perfect bathroom, for many people, a regular shower is as far as their design mind goes. However, some people want to elevate their bathroom and have not just a shower, but a bathtub. For these people, a regular bathtub is oftentimes more than enough, but what people don’t know is that having a walk-in bathtub can seriously change your life in ways you’ve never even dreamed of! 

The first thing you might be thinking about is: what is a walk-in tub? Everyone has heard of a regular bathtub, but have you ever seen a walk-in bathtub? 

These safety-first tubs are a relatively new invention on the market that is becoming more popular every day. While one of the main reasons they’re popularity is skyrocketing is because of the senior market—senior safe walk-in tubs—these tubs are definitely not just for seniors. Their convenience is suitable for anyone, of any age! 

One of the main reasons people are flocking to put the top walk-in tubs on their wish lists is because of their size, ease, and convenience. For anyone of any age, stepping into a big bathtub can be difficult, and the risks are only amplified by slippery floors and spilled water that cause bathroom falls and accidents every single day, with young and older people alike. 

Most people might hear about shower and bathtub slips and falls but might think that such an accident would never happen to them. Unfortunately, accidents like this are more common than you might think and can have devastating consequences. People love luxurious bathtubs, and with good reason! There’s nothing like soaking in your bathtub to relax after a long day at work, or on your quest to have a treat-yourself stress-free weekend. 

However, the bigger the bathtub is, it will certainly provide more comfort, but along with the comfort comes bigger risks. If your bathtub is big, then it just means you’ll have to step higher over the side to enter and exit the tub. With water on the floor, or even just a misstep, this relaxing experience can become very dangerous. 

So, the top walk-in tubs are selling out of stores because they provide the safety feature of having an opening door that closes and seals shut so there are no water leaks, making entering and exiting the tub a relaxing and unwinding experience to enjoy, rather than fear! By having a safe step walk-in tub, every bath you take is worry-free. 

On top of being slip-safe, walk-in bathtubs are perfect for people who might have trouble standing for long periods of time in the shower. What is oftentimes not thought about is that taking a shower can be difficult the older you get. Or, if you are young and have an injury, a shower might not be as easy as people think. If you have a broken bone and have a cast that can’t get wet, a shower is a no-go. If you are older and have trouble not just standing for long periods of time, but also have to clean and scrub, a shower can be a stressful experience. 

For many others who are handicapped or disabled, taking a shower is simply not an option. So, bathtubs aren’t only for luxury and relaxing experiences. They are also practical for people that have trouble using showers! 

With this in mind, there are even more benefits to having a walk-in tub. For example, having the door to the tub open makes cleaning your bathtub so much easier. Instead of leaning over the side of the tub, trying to find a good angle to scrub, you can simply open the door and clean your tub along with the rest of the bathroom on cleaning day. 

Alongside many of the new walk-in bathtubs being designed and on the market, you might start to see a new concept that offers an upgrade to the traditional walk-in tub: a walk-in tub shower combo. These amazing new tub designs offer people the safety and ease of having a walk-in tub, but also allow for the choice to take a stand-up shower instead. Walk-in tub shower combos are selling out fast across the country, so you may want to take advantage of any sales you happen to see!

Are you convinced a walk-in bathtub is right for you? Now is the time to consider the walk-in tub costs. Walk-in tub prices can vary depending on the brand, size, and features. However, they are generally not so much more expensive than a typical ordinary bathtub. 

Some of the top brands for walk-in tubs include MediSpa, Avano, Randolph Morris Brighton, American Standard, BainUltra, Avora Bath, Swan, Reliance Whirlpools, and more. 

While some ordinary home appliance brands sell walk-in tubs, so do medical companies that focus on medical appliances for the home, for the elderly, for the disabled and more. So while American Standard sells so much more than just bathroom showers, bathtubs and walk-in tubs for rooms in the house, brands like MediSpa might only focus on bathroom and medical safe appliances. However, you can access major sales in both! Prices aren’t always cheap: walk-in tubs can range from the $1000 to $6000 range—it just depends on what you’re looking for. 

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