Tips for Making Your Home into an Airbnb

Tips for Making Your Home into an Airbnb

Airbnb started in 2008. Today, it is hard to imagine a world without it. 

You probably see it advertised frequently because it is one of the most popular services used to connect people with properties for rent to travelers looking for short stays.

If you are away from home frequently for a week or more at a time, you can potentially use Airbnb to earn an extra income by renting the property when you are not there. 

Here are some tips you may want to know before you do that.

Establish Your Airbnb House Rules

House rules are vital for a successful Airbnb business. They protect you and your property.

For example, if you are allergic to dogs, you may not allow them in your Airbnb. Here are some issues to consider when creating house rules:

  • Allergies
  • Off-Limits Items or Spaces on the Property
  • Smoking or Non-Smoking
  • Vehicle Parking
  • Maximum Capacity for Guest Groups
  • Safety and Property Security
  • Consequences for Rule Violations

Do Some Basic Airbnb Staging

You can rent your home in its current condition. However, some basic staging may help it appeal more to potential renters. 

Try to provide access to basic items renters are likely to love. Also, make sure you offer a universally welcoming atmosphere for diverse types of guests. 

The process of staging may include:

  • Purchasing Certain New Furniture
  • Providing Access to Basic Appliances (Coffee Pot, Toaster Etc.)
  • Painting
  • Updating Plumbing and Lighting Fixtures

Keep Your Airbnb Guests Well Supplied

No guest wants to arrive at an Airbnb after a long trip only to have to leave again to get basic supplies. 

Keep stockpiles of certain items to make your guests comfortable from the moment they walk in the door. Toiletries, basic snacks, and paper products are some of the best supplies to keep on hand. Y

our guests may also appreciate reading materials, working televisions, and information about local attractions.

Stay Available for Quick Communication

Your guests are likely to have a lot of questions for you during their stays. Make sure you are always available to answer those questions. 

Provide your phone number for quick communication. You may even wish to purchase a second phone specifically for Airbnb clients to contact you on.

Have a Local Backup Person for Emergencies

Answering questions is one thing, but sometimes a person needs to be physically present to deal with an emergency. 

Make sure someone you know locally is willing to back you up when your guests have problems. If you are renting your house out occasionally, ask a family member or friend to help. Consider hiring a permanent property manager if you intend to rent the house out every week.

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