5 Easy Home Gardening And Landscape Ideas

Are you thinking about revamping or redesigning your house, or even just your garden, porch, or yard, but are working on a smaller budget and can’t break the bank? Luckily, there are so many ways you can redo your landscaping, yard or garden in super cheap, frugal and creative ways. All you need is a vision and a little ingenuity! 

Here, read our list of inventive and amazing ideas on how to create a gorgeous outdoor space with your lawn and garden for your home. 

Refurbish Your Garden With A DIY Planter
Refurbish Your Garden With A DIY Planter

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating your own garden or yard planter. You can use anything from bathtubs to buckets! You can stop by any yard sale, farmers or secondhand market, or secondhand store and find any container that can be turned into an adorable planter. 

All you’ll have to do is find some flowers, herbs or plants seedlings and plant them in the container you choose. The best part is, your DIY planter can go anywhere, from a balcony to a porch to an outdoor garden.

It’s a great way to take an old furniture piece or item that might otherwise be thrown away, and make it beautiful. You can even use these as an indoor planter!

Let There Be Light!
Let There Be Light!

One of the easiest and most underrated ways to make your outdoor space go from shabby to chic is to hang up and string up fairy lights. And we don’t mean actual fairies—but the little lights that can make your outdoor space feel ethereal.

Oftentimes, some fairy lights also have different settings, so you can make them twinkle or just stay lit for your garden party, or just enjoy your new outdoor space. 

Oftentimes, the most inexpensive way to renovate your landscape is to add lights. What’s more, with the onset of LED lights, you can add festive lighting to your outdoor space without adding a lot of cost to your electric bill. 

Ever Heard Of A Bloom Box?
Ever Heard Of A Bloom Box?

Not everyone has a green thumb, which is a fun way of saying you might not be so great at keeping your plants alive and thriving!

However, you definitely do not need to be a master planter or gardener to keep beautiful flowers and plants growing, adding colorful decor to your space and giving your garden a more natural feel. 

One of the easiest ways to keep flowers around your garden are in bloom boxes! When you’re significant other or loved ones give you flowers, the problem is they don’t live for very long. This is because they have been cut out of the ground, and even though keeping them in a vase of water keeps them alive for longer, the water is only keeping them alive for so many days.

With a bloom box, blooming flowers can still be planted in soil with their roots healthily keeping them alive and well. 

Making a bloom box is super easy. All you need is any old box! Wooden boxes are oftentimes preferred because they offer a chic and organic design aesthetic, but you can use any old box that is around the house or might even be on it’s way into the trash bin.

All you need to do is take that box and plant some flowers in it with some healthy soil. Then, your only responsibility is to make sure they stay watered, but sometimes the rain might even do that for you! 

Make Some Fencing
Make Some Fencing

Those who do not consider themselves designers or decorators might be hesitant to make any additions to the garden, yard or general landscaping that can be a bit risky. However, sometimes risk is all you need to take in order to turn your garden from drab to fab!

One genius tip that many people don’t consider is changing the garden around with some fencing. You can create an uber-chic garden look in your backyard, or wherever your garden is, just by adding some modern or classically styled fencing around your garden plots. By separating areas of the garden and making pathways between them, you can elevate the entire look of your garden. 

Whether your outdoor space is large or small, and whether you want to create whole new spaces or just fence off a small area of you garden, by adding fencing to the space you will make the space look bigger, more organized, and more designed.

Make Your Garden Creative, By Making It Edible!
Make Your Garden Creative, By Making It Edible!

Many people spend a lot of time and money on landscaping, to make their front yards, back yards and gardens visually pleasing. However, oftentimes, these same people never actually go into their yards or gardens. Sometimes, expensive landscaping is just for show. 

But, what is the point of having such amazing landscaping if you never go out to enjoy it? One of the best ways to entice home owners or renters to enjoy the outdoor space they have is to make it edible! 

You don’t only need to plant trees, bushes, shrubs and flowers. Luckily, so many countless varieties of herbs, plants and flowers can also be eaten! So, what can be better than a beautiful outdoor space that can also be used as your grocery store? 

You can make an edible garden cheaply, and you can even have some edible plants growing in hanging planters in your kitchen. Seeds are typically super cheap, and all you need is some open ground and seeds to transform your garden from a pretty sight to a tasty, experiential landscape. 

Another great reason to make your garden edible is so you can connect to your environment during the changing seasons. And if you run out of space in your backyard garden, you can always build some planters and make a roof garden!