Snake-Proof Your House

Snake-Proof Your House

Snakes can be quite dangerous, especially if they happen to be venomous. Even non-poisonous snake species have many bacteria in their mouths and can deliver dangerous bites. If your house is in an area where snakes are common, you may worry that they can invade your property. You may also have extra concerns about snakes if you have small children or pets. Here are some simple ways to snake-proof your house.

Eliminate Live Food Sources

Snakes are usually most attracted to areas with mice and rats because they are excellent food sources. Therefore, a mouse or rat problem in your house may attract snakes to it. Treat any rodent infestation you notice right away. That way your home will become less attractive to snakes in the area.

You can also limit snake food sources by avoiding intentionally feeding small animals or pets outside. Bird feeders attract beautiful wildlife, but snakes view that wildlife as free lunch. Similarly, feeding your pets on your porch might seem convenient for you, but it is also convenient for rats and mice. Thus, it attracts snakes.

Cover Structure Access Holes

Snakes may get in your yard, even if you take precautions. However, you can usually keep them out of structures like your house, shed, or garage by eliminating access points. Take time to look at each structure and block any holes or gaps you find. Some common potential access points to check include:

  • Windows Without Screens
  • Dryer Vents
  • Cracks in Bricks
  • Gaps Under Doors
  • Other Open Pipes or Vents

Eliminate Hiding Places

Snakes love to camouflage themselves. It is how they hunt. A shed or garage piled high with miscellaneous items is like a playground for snakes. Tall grass also attracts snakes. Mow your lawn on a regular basis to eliminate such hiding spots. That way, if a snake does get onto your property, you have a better chance of noticing and removing it before it causes problems.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Most snakes prefer to hide in dark places. They also often prefer to hunt in the dark. In an area where snakes are prevalent, you are likely to have more of them cross your property at night than in the daylight. Lighting your yard well at night serves two key purposes. It can help keep some snakes from wanting to come on your property at all. Also, it allows you to see any snakes on your property when you are outside at night well before you are within striking range of them.

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