Rental assistance is available from a variety of federal and state government sources. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) oversees many of these programs and provides federal aid to state and local departments to help renters afford their homes.

HUD’s housing assistance programs are often confused for one another, but there are distinct differences in each. Two popular rental assistance programs managed by HUD are public housing and subsidized housing.

Get Help With Rent Through Subsidized Housing, Public Housing & More
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With public housing, you can rent affordable homes and apartments directly from a local public housing authority (PHA). These units are owned and operated by the government, which is why they are known as public housing units.

Folks who need help with housing can rent a unit within a public housing development. These developments are owned by the housing authority, which serves as the landlord for all tenants within that development.

Unlike Section 8 houses for rent, you cannot choose your own public housing unit. The PHA may give you a choice between developments, but you will not receive a voucher to use on your own accord.

Subsidized housing units are private dwellings. They are not owned by a PHA. Instead, private owners and landlords offer these units at affordable rental rates and, in exchange, receive subsidies from the government.

You can get help with rent through subsidized housing for individual units or a unit in a multifamily complex.

Each housing assistance program determines rental rates in the same way. Instead of offering units at a fixed rental rate, these programs determine rental costs per tenant based on the tenant’s income.

Specific rental percentages may vary. However, most tenants participating in these rental assistance programs will pay no more than 30% of their income on rent each month. This helps ensure that tenants have enough money to pay for other living expenses.

The application process for these programs is a bit different. If you wish to apply for public housing assistance, you must apply to your local PHA. Local PHAs are responsible for determining applicants’ qualifications and providing housing.

To apply for subsidized housing, you must find a housing development and submit an application. Once you are approved for rental help, you will be granted a housing unit when one becomes available.

Due to the increased demand for affordable housing, both these rental assistance programs fill up quickly. If you are ready to get help with rent, don’t wait – find your PHA and apply today.  

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