If you are looking for the best and most capable home automation system, look no further. The Control4 system specializes in providing connected systems for both residential and commercial establishments such as hotels and business premises, and its authorized dealers can install and help configure the setup.

Yes, it will cost much, much more than your average smart home systems but it provides a premium service and a solid support network in case you have any problems. 

Control4: professional home automation

Control4 is compatible with more than 30,000 smart home devices from different brands and it can control everything from lighting, to multi-room audio, security systems, smart locks, HVAC systems, etc.,  and uses Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Zigbee and Z-Wave.

In terms of functionality, the SR-260, Control4’s remote control, is extremely useful. In 2019, Control4 bought Neeo, providers of the universal remote control, which notoriously improved user experience and simplified everyday use. You will no longer need to use other remote controls (Apple TV, TV remote, Sky, Fire TV, etc.), and you can adjust lighting and set scenes (for example, a breakfast scene means you can turn on your favorite radio station to start your morning, adjust lighting to the morning, jumpstart your coffee maker or an electric kettle at a specific time, etc.).

If you want to add quick access to streaming services in different rooms, you can ask your dealer to configure everything from the start. 

The easiest, most intuitive way to control your smart home devices is through the touchscreens. Control 4 has 7-inch and 10-inch models you can get and they can either be placed on the wall or on top of a table. 

The software improved greatly with the latest model, OS 3, and is much easier to turn off lights, change the heating or stream multimedia, you can customize features to each room and prioritize one room over another based on how much time you spend there. You can also control climate, security, shade, etc.

Apart from touchscreens, you can access keypads that wire into regular light switches. You can turn lights on and off, but also control scenes. 

Multimedia is one of the best features of the Control4 system. The system streams video and audio with incredible quality and most streaming services and locally-stored media can be accessed and managed within the system.  In the Smart Home OS 3’s media screen you can see what is playing in each room (music, movies, etc.) and have quick controls. 

If you connect with Triad you will enjoy the experience thoroughly. Connecting to other brands such as Sonos is possible, as is with Spotify Connects, although it will not work as smoothly as it does with Triad. Media hardware is also top-notch, improving the volume and quality of speakers all around your home.

A few considerations:

  • Yes, it’s an extremely powerful system but the equipment can be very expensive, so keep this in mind if you are on a tight budget or will use the system for simple, everyday tasks.
  • Any change, small as it may be, needs to be logged in so the dealer can handle it, so it takes longer than with other smart home systems.

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